Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Racing the Pro-1-2 event.

Finally, we have the perfect video to show what it's like to race in the Pro-1-2 field.
The video begins with the nervous wait on the starting line.

@:26 Riders ready? Go! The adventure begins. Hold on tight.

@1:57 The inevitable happens; the rider gets dropped in explosive fashion.

Oxygen is scarce as he rides around in circles for the next 5 minutes. He knows he'll never see the pack again.

@6:48 At this point, just over 6 minutes into the race, the officials pull him off the course.

@7:14 Here, you can see that the rider has thrown his helmet at his car as he approaches.

@7:21 The rider arrives at his car.

He then sits and stews in silence for a few minutes.

@7:50  He is not alone. Far off in the distance, you can see another rider returning to his car.