Monday, June 20, 2011

Found some new stuff.

Writing a new post. Not ready yet.
In the meantime, here's a fun video from Pogo:

Pogo takes video clips and cuts them into audio clips. For example, here's what he did to Mary Poppins.

Click here for a quick note on who Pogo is. Pretty amazing talent.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Team Sport

In my book, "Roadie - The Misunderstood World of a Bike Racer", I point out the fact that bike racing is one of the only sports in which you will find more than two teams on the field of play at one time. Also, it's one of the only sports on the planet in which you will see teams working TOGETHER. And in that same best-seller, I toy briefly with the idea of having four teams in a baseball game at the same time. I don't know HOW it would happen. Surely, someone would get beaned.
While announcing at last weekend's USAF CLassic in Arlington, VA, I once again blurted out the idea of multiple teams taking part in one game. I suggested a football game involving four teams.
Well, during a slow day at work today, I put designed the field.
Now all we need is a rule book and a brief explanation of how it works. Feel free to offer up your own rules of play.
One team kicks off to the other. The receiving team can return the kick-off in one of three directions. Let's say that a Tarheels player receives the kick-off and turns North and heads into the Goobers' territory. He gets tackled by a Goober - for the sake of argument. Now, would the first play from scrimmage see the Tarheels vs all three teams? Or would one of the other teams help out on offense? If so, which team? And what if they catch a pass? Can they hijack the ball and make a run for someone else's end zone?
In cycling, teams will form allegiances while the race is underway, and those allegiances can be nullified instantly. Football players should have to deal with the fickle nature of such allegiances, too.
Oh, this could be a fun experiment. I need 43 volunteers to meet me at the high school field.
Any marching band directors reading this: you are free to design a halftime show using this configuration. However, don't take this to band camp in August. The stadium has not yet been built. We're still waiting for a land purchase to be approved on the Detroit waterfront before we break ground.
Feel free to speculate in the comments box on the rules of the New NFLx4

Saturday, June 11, 2011

On Stage

Racing is exciting. Especially the last few laps. Especially when a breakaway is caught in the last few laps.
Today at the Clarendon Cup in Arlington VA, the Clarendon Cup ended in a flurry of activity including a last minute catch of two escapees (Patrick Moren - Amore & Vita and Jackie Simes IV - Jamis Sutter Home).
Our job as an announcer is to make it crazier by yelling a bunch of stuff really loudly over the P.A. Most of what we say should be true and accurate, but it's
Richard Fries and Brad Sohner did all the work. I just rang the bell and captured the scene in Blue-Vision for your viewing pleasure.

Say hello, by the way, to Maurice on the sound board at the beginning.
And that's the president of Arlington Sports, Rob Laybourn scampering out of the way right before the final sprint.
A peek at the chaos that is a bike race.